• German Wintech uPVC
  • Front doors
  • Balcony & stair railings
  • Glass enclosures

Invest in top quality custom made aluminium and Upvc apertures.

We offer a wide selection of doors, windows, balconies, balcony railings, staircases, glass enclousures and much more.

Different styles such as sliding apertures, opening apertures, fixed fixtures, tilt and turn mechanism apertures etc.

uPVC material –

WINTECH PVC PROFILE   NO steel inside, more insulation and more durable,
no screws inside, so it won't rust, 100% corrosion free
welded corners from inside and outside,
it is the latest / BEST technology
*10yr guarantee


We also offer stylish and secure front  main doors with three way lock.

We produce cost-efficient , durable apertures and fixtures in various colours, for private homes, blocks of apertments and also for commercial and industrial premises.